Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 Birthdays all in a row...

I forgot to take a pic of my own Birthday cake, made for me by a friend in our ward but here is the cakes I made for my kids, S, M & E. Our Birthdays fall right in line with each other, S's is in January, mine is in February, M's in March and E's in April. Then we get a little break till K's in June.

S didn't really care what his cake was as long as it could "move"!

M drew this herself and I copied it onto the cake. I was just glad to draw the dolphin and not have to shape it! LOL!

E wanted me to draw a pegasus on the carrot but my art skills were not up for that, so she allowed just the carrot with carrot cake on the inside. I thought it was pretty cute, just right for Easter, Spring and her birthday!


  1. You're so amazing! My kids would die if they knew cakes like this existed! Hahaha. Very cute!! Kinda funny - our birthdays are all in a row too from May till October. ;0)

  2. So cute! I need to know how you made that rocket cake. Dallin would love it! He even has a song that he's adapted to rockets. He sings, "We will, We will rocket ship!"

  3. HI Tricia! Long time no talk, how are you? I saw your blog address in an old email you sent me and thought I'd check it out. How cute are your cakes?! I love them! YOu're so talented. Hey I was thinking of getting some caramel to make caramel apples for the girls birthday coming up, let me know if I can buy some from ya. P.S. My blog is http://garfieldfour.blogspot.com/